I'm trying to register but it says I'm not connected - what's going on?


Did you recently purchase a Skyroam device, follow the "Quick Start Guide" and find yourself at this screen on step 3?

If you have, don't worry! You can still get yourself registered and connected to your Skyroam WiFi:

There are a couple of things you can try on your own:

  1. Wait 30 seconds. What occasionally happens is that there is a delay between the mobile device or laptop connecting to your Skyroam device for the first time, and our system receiving that information. If you wait 30 seconds from getting this page, click on the "back" button of your browser. The Account Registration page usually appears. 
  2. If the Account Registration page does not appear, try clearing your browser cache. You can find instructions for each respective OS and browsers (including mobile devices!) here: Clearing your browser cache. After clearing your browser, make sure to close the browser and restart it. Now go back to a.skyroam.com
  3. If you still get this page after clearing your browser cache, contact us at support@skyroam.com.
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  • When skyroam do cover in uae tell me skyroam not working in uae

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