How fast will my connection be?


With each Skyroam daily service package or "global daypass," you get 24-hours of unlimited internet on up to 5 devices. There is absolutely no data cutoff! Each 24-hour daypass provides access to the fastest network globally (HSPA+) , with speeds up to a 3G/4G hybrid. This may vary from country-to-country depending on local data networks. 

The daypass is modeled to provide the best possible experience to Skyroam customers, so the vast majority of users only get the fastest speeds. If there is high usage within 24-hours, the network speed will slow down to a lighter 2G speed, which is great for e-mail, web surfing, social media, apps, messaging, and WiFi calling. Data always resets with the next global daypass.  

Note: Skyroam is not optimized for video services like YouTube, Netflix or other heavy streaming activities.

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