Help! My Battery Fails to Charge My Device


First, you may need to check if your battery is charged. If you have kept the device in storage for extremely long periods of time, it may take longer for the battery to achieve a charge sufficient to power on and use the device.   We recommend using the factory USB cable and give the unit an overnight charge after it has been stored for long periods. 

If additional charging time does not provide the device with a sufficient charge, then it is possible your battery has reached the end of its lifespan, and it needs to be replaced as a part of a device replacement under the Warranty.  

Only devices and batteries purchased within the last 1 year are eligible for battery/device replacement.  If you feel your battery is failing, please contact, and please provide your order # or have proof-of-purchase so that we can check to see if the device is under warranty.  Please note, we cannot replace batteries if there is any physical damage on the battery and/or device, and we cannot issue a battery if there is water damage or other types of accidental damage.  In such cases, we recommend that you purchase a new Skyroam hotspot.



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