How do I connect my device to the Skyroam Hotspot via Wi-Fi?


1. Turn on the Skyroam hotspot by holding down the power button on the right side of the device for 3 seconds

2. Find your Skyroam hotspot WiFi SSID and Password by navigating the menu as follows: Menu → Wi-Fi Information

3. From your WiFi-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), search for and select the SSID (example: Skyroam_w92) from the list of available Wi-Fi networks

4. Enter the password

5. Your device will now connect to the Skyroam hotspot and is ready to use


How to find your Skyroam WiFI passcode: 

You can find the Skyroam hotspot WiFi Network name and passcode that you use to join the WiFi netowork by going to "menu-WLAN" info on the Skyroam hotspot device.  

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