My battery is not in the device!


The Skyroam Hotspot ships with a removable Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery. This offers 6-8 hours of usage or 20 hours of standby time.

If you're wondering how to install the battery, you're in the right place!

1. Remove your hotspot's orange back cover by separating at the slot on the bottom right side of the device.
2. Find the three metal contacts on the battery provided in the box.
3. Insert the battery such that the contacts are aligned with the three metal prongs on the inside compartment.
4. Reattach the back case.
5. Now you can power your Skyroam Hotspot on!

To charge your Skyroam Hotspot battery, plug the provided micro-USB cable into the charging interface on the left side of the device. Now connect the cable to any powered USB outlet.

Note: Spare batteries are not yet in the market! If you're worried about your Skyroam Hotspot not having enough battery life, we highly recommend grabbing a power bank before you go!

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