Why do I need a Skyroam Hotspot?

    Why do I need a Skyroam Hotspot?

    Skyroam is the easiest way to keep all of your devices connected while traveling internationally. Our simple-to-use hotspot and pay-as-you-go daypass model ensures that you will never be surprised with any hidden costs or bill shocks. Only use data when you need it!

    With instant access to Skyroam hotspot's global WiFi network of 130+ countries, you get the convenience of fast, secure, and cost-effective coverage. Get online on up to five WiFi-enabled devices simultaneously, including your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Never hunt for an internet cafe to surf the web, share on social media, access your apps, or make a WiFi calls ever again! Each 24-hour global WiFi daypass is just $10, or $8 a piece for a bundle of five.

    We don't call ourselves your reliable travel partner for nothing :)

    Happy Skyroaming!
    Your reliable travel partner