Initial Hotspot Startup Guide

    Initial Hotspot Startup Guide

    This article pertains to startup and setup issues pertaining to Skyroam Hotspot loading on the front LCD screen when you first turn on the hotspot. 


    What is happening during the Skyroam boot up on the main screen LCD screen?

    The hotspot is loading and searching for cellular service.  There are two steps of the initialization sequence: 

    1. Discovery of roaming network 
    2. Discovery of local cellular network and obtaining a virtual SIM

    If you are having problems loading, it is most commonly because you need to change locations or you are within country with no coverage.  If you have issues, you can live chat with us 24/7 or call us at 855-SKYROAM.  You can also email us at  In rare cases, support may need to send you a special file that you can drag onto your device via USB connection. 

    Common startup issues and questions

    If your Skyroam is having problems loading or updating, then the first thing we generally recommend to do is try to change locations.  

    The table below describes common startup issues/complaints and troubleshooting that can be tried to improve the situation. 

    Scenario Potential Cause(s) Troubleshooting: 
    Hotspot will not load past 15%.  

    1. Country has no service

    2. Hotspot needs firmware update. (see instructions)

    3. Signal is weak / unstable

    4. Hotspot is very old and may be time to upgrade.

    5. Cannot connect to local network.  

    • Try changing locations
    • Attempt restarting the hotspot
    • Try manually updating firmware
    • Try again in 30 minutes
    • Contact if all else fails.
    Hotspot loads past 50%-99% If the hotspot loads past 50%, then there is a greater 

    There is a greater chance waiting or smaller location changes will solve the problem on its own. 

    • Try waiting longer (up to 15 minutes) as hotspot may be pending OTA update. 
    • Try to manually update the hotspot firmware. 
    • Try changing locations, grab a cup of coffee or try checking back in a few minutes.


    Please keep in mind that the Skyroam may take up to 5-10 minutes to initialize if signal is weak or if the hotspot is trying to download an over the air update through the connection, so oftentimes giving the hotspot some additional time without power cycling will bypass the issue. 

    Please email or give us a call or chat if the above troubleshooting fails.