Skyroam Solis "Travel Edition"


What is Skyroam Solis "Travel Edition”?

Skyroam's "Travel Edition” is our exclusive 4G global LTE hotspot with a complimentary travel case. Our "Travel Edition" is available from selected airline partners including Lufthansa, Air Baltic & more.

Additionally, some airline partners provide free 24-hour unlimited global WiFi daypasses with your purchase. You will have complimentary service to start your journey connected, upon landing at your destination.

What's Included with the "Travel Edition"?

The "Travel Edition” is a Skyroam Solis airline exclusive that includes some extra accessories (e.g. travel case) but excludes the power bank adapter due to airline regulations. 


How To Get The Adapter To Unlock the Power Bank Feature

We want our customers to get the best experience possible, so we’re soon stocking extra adapters (USB-C to USB-A) available for you to purchase.The adapter will enable the power bank feature to charge your gadgets on-the-go with the embedded 6000 mAh power bank. 


Can I fly with Skyroam Solis "Travel Edition” once the power bank feature is available?

Yes! You can bring your fully enabled Skyroam Solis with you on-board your next flight. Keep in mind, many airlines require power banks with lithium ion batteries, like Skyroam Solis has, must be stored in carry-on baggage. 


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