Skyroam Solis and Skyroam Hotspot - What's the difference


What is Skyroam Solis? What is the difference between Skyroam Solis and Skyroam 3G Mate?


Skyroam Solis is a dual global 4G/LTE hotspot and power bank that provides super fast, secure and affordable mobile data in 100+ countries. Travel the world with speedy 4G LTE mobile connectivity and 6000 mAh power for all your gadgets. Zero hassle – goodbye SIMS, roaming charges, overage fees.


Skyroam Global Hotspot, our first generation 3G hotspot, is the personal WiFi hotspot that provides secure mobile WiFi shareable on up 5 devices without a SIM in 100+ countries. Skyroam Global Hotspot retails for $99.99 with global day passes offered at a low price of $8.00 per 24 hours.


Our newest gadget introduced in 2017, Skyroam Solis, provides the same features with the added benefit of fast 4G LTE capability, long-lasting power and an integrated power bank. Skyroam Solis retails for $149.00 with global day passes offered at $9.00 per 24 hours.

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