What is the GoData Monthly Subscription?


The Skyroam GoData Monthly Subscription is an affordable way to connect on-the-go anytime and anywhere starting at $9 per month for 1GB.  GoData offers secure, seamless global connectivity without any SIM swapping - making it easy for you to hop from one country to the next and stay connected!

Whether you're wandering the globe, getting ahead on work during your daily commute, or keeping the kids entertained on a family road trip, GoData provides full-speed mobile data without speed throttling! 

Now available with Skyroam Solis and Skyroam Solis X! 


How does the GoData Monthly Subscription work?

Skyroam's GoData Monthly Subscription renews every 30-days, beginning of the day you subscribe on a.skyroam.com or Solis App. Once subscribed there is no activation necessary. Your Skyroam WiFi starts immediately, giving you on-demand access to the fastest mobile WiFi, available worldwide.


How much does it cost?

The GoData Monthly Subscription starts at $9 USD per month and includes 1GB. You may purchase more GB at anytime for $9 USD per GB. 

Please note, there is no data rollover. Every month, you will start with 1GB and be charged $9 automatically.



What happens to my data if I don’t use it up in the 30-day period?

Your data balance resets when the 30-day period ends. There is no data rollover to the next month. You will begin each new period with 1GB.


Does Skyroam's Fair Use Policy apply?

Our Fair Use Policy does not apply for GoData Monthly Subscription. Users will receive high-speed connection and will not experience speed reductions.


How do I buy more than 1GB of data each period?

You can buy more global data anytime for only $9 per GB.

Click on “GoData” in the account portal and select the number of GBs you desire.

Pro Tip: Use the Auto-Reload feature to automatically load more data to your plan once your account reaches 0GB.


How can I manage my GoData balance?

To view your current data balance, please go to the "I" tab on a.skyroam.com and view your balance for the current period.


What about my Daypasses?

While you are subscribed, you will not be able to use or buy Daypasses or subscribe to the Unlimited Monthly Subscription.

If you have a current Daypass balance, we suggest consuming the rest of your Daypasses prior to subscribing to the GoData subscription.  

If you do not consume the rest of your Daypasses, you may still subscribe to GoData subscription. Your Daypasses will remain in your account. 

At the moment, users cannot use Daypasses or GoData concurrently.


What can I do to save data?

We strongly recommend disabling apps and features that consume data in the background such as cloud syncing, system updates, auto-backups, and auto-app updates.


Will the Skyroam GoData Monthly Subscription work on the original Skyroam Global Hotspot?

The Skyroam GoData Subscription is only available for Skyroam Solis and Solis X user. At the moment, the plan is not available for Skyroam Solis rentals.


How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to GoData via Solis App, simply select "Shop" > "Go Data" > "Subscribe now", as shown below.


            godata_step_1.png         GoData.png

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