How can I place a rental order for Skyroam Solis?


How can I rent Skyroam Solis?

NEW: Introducing US Solis Rental Program (Limited quantity available)

As of 10/17/2017, a limited number of US customers will be able to rent our latest 4G-LTE Hotspot. 100 Solis devices are available for customers to rent 4G device (power bank included).  To learn more about Skyroam Solis, you can read FAQ : About Solis

You can place an online Solis rental order if you are : 

1. Have a USA shipping address to receive the device prior to trip start (your shipping address cannot be a military shipping address)

2. Will be sending the device back to us from within the USA

Why do I not see an option to reserve Solis at a vending machine or airport Kiosk? 

US customers can currently only rent Skyroam Solis from  



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