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Skyroam Solis Battery Life

Skyroam Solis can be used up to 16 hours while in use after a full charge. Battery life may vary depending on the number of devices connected and usage.  There are many things you can do to care for your batteries. 

Purchasing a replacement or extra replacement battery

You can refer to these links to supported batteries. If you're purchasing batteries, please note that batteries must be of 18650 type with button top and not flat-top. This is important because button top is 65mm in length, which is the length needed to make the best contact in the battery compartment. 

We recommend 3000mAH or trusted brands: LG, Samsung, EBL, Panasonic, etc.  The original Solis OEM batteries are 3350 mAh LG batteries. 


  • Panasonic NCR18650B 18650
  • EBL 18650 Battery Lithium-ion

Battery troubleshooting

Solis battery and charging problems are extremely rare, so most likely if you are having problems powering on your hotspot, we generally recommend the following troubleshooting steps: 

1. Ensure you are using the proper cable: Try using the factory charging cable that came with the hotspot.  This is a USB-C cable.  

2. Try a different wall adapter: Try changing the USB power adapter you are using.  Many times, the wall charger is the culprit behind a charging issue.  This can be especially problematic if you are using low-quality or outdated equipment. When in doubt, go with a fast-charging or high-powered USB adapter of a reputable brand.  

Product Image: 24a-usb-power-adapterwall-charger-us-plug

3. If you are charging using a laptop: If you are charging in a laptop or computer USB port, you need to be sure that the USB port is powered, as not all USB ports are high-powered, fast charging ports that have the charging properties. 

Tips for travelers

1. Streaming and multiple devices: If you are connecting multiple devices to your Skyroam Solis hotspot, that can drain the battery faster.  Powering off your hotspot and disconnecting devices can help prolong the battery. 

2. Carrying extra batteries and third party battery dock: With Skyroam Solis, you definitely do not have to have any extra charging equipment or third party accessories to use the hotspot; however, this is always an option if you require more than 16 hours of battery life for extended trips and power travelers.

If you are looking to have extra battery life during extended trips, we definitely recommend buying extra Solis batteries.  You can get 16 hours of battery life on a full charge, which is enough for most people; however, if you buy extra batteries and a charging dock, this can extend life. You need to be sure charging docks for

Solis batteries have specific charging properties, so we would recommend something like the following for charging any extra Solis batteries you have: 

3. On the battery warranty: Battery issues are rare; however, if you have determined your battery is defective for any reason, please reach out to us at 855-SKYROAM or write to us at  In most cases, we have found the steps here are sufficient to resolve concerns about batteries being defective. 

If the battery is draining prematurely or hotspot is not powering on 

1. Remove plastic tabs: Ensure the plastic tabs are removed from inside the case, or the hotspot WiFi signal will be weak because the hotspot won't be getting enough power.  In some cases, especially with new hotspots, you may have to apply a bit of extra torque (elbow grease) to open the hotspot.

Removing the battery tabs is simple!  Simply twist the lid off of the hotspot (using the dots on edge of the lids as a guide), and you can see if the plastic battery tabs are removed or not.  

2. Battery is old: All lithium-ion batteries will eventually fail or have reduced ability to hold a charge after years of repeated use and with aging.  Purchasing new batteries online is generally the fix if this is the case.

3. Another issue with my battery: Contact, and a customer service representative will be able to assist you. 



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