Solis X - Camera 'AwayView'


What is Solis X Camera AwayView?

AwayView is a feature that allows you to access your Solis X camera live stream from anywhere, even when you are not connected to Solis WiFi.

Who has access to Solis X Camera AwayView?

AwayView is available to Solis X owners who subscribe to GoData or Unlimited Monthly Subscription at no extra cost.

How much data does the camera use when streaming a video?

Depending on the lighting condition and the amount of movement, the camera uses 50 to 80 kB/s.

How to use Solis X Camera AwayView?

When your phone is not connected to Solis WiFi, tap the Camera button on the Status page to access AwayView. Your Solis X needs to be powered on and you need to have an active GoData and Unlimited Monthly Subscription.

Can I take photos or record videos when accessing the camera remotely?

Currently, AwayView does not support taking photos and recording videos. To do that, you need to connect your phone to the Solis WiFi. 

What happens if data runs out while I am away?

If data runs out, you can purchase data for your Solis X remotely. Be sure to do that within one hour, otherwise, your Solis X will be offline. It is recommended that you set up auto-reload so that data is automatically added when the account balance reaches zero.

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