Skyroam Rental Return, Cancellation, Exchange Policy


When will I receive my Skyroam rental order?

After placing your rental order on order will ship in a few business days prior to your rental start date.  


How do I return my rental order?

All rental orders will include a return shipping label. Once your rental period ends, please return your rental device and attach the return label that is included in your order. 


How do I cancel my rental order?

If you wish to cancel your rental order, please contact our support team ( / 1-855-759-7626) before your rental order is shipped to you. We recommend contacting our support team 3 business days in advance to ensure your order is canceled successfully.

Once we cancel your order, you will receive a full refund to your original payment method. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive a full refund.


How do I extend my rental period?

If you are looking to extend your rental period, please contact our support team ( / 1-855-759-7626). 

Our support team will issue you an invoice to extend your rental period. Once your invoice is paid successfully, our team will extend your rental period as desired.


How do I purchase my rental device?

If you wish to purchase your rental device, please contact our support team ( / 1-855-759-7626). 

Our support team will issue you an invoice for purchasing the device. Once the invoice is paid successfully, our team will re-configure the device and allow you to purchase non-rental services.


How do I exchange my rental device?

Requests for rental exchanges are rare. Our team will inspect all devices before shipping it to you. 

However, If you receive a defective unit, you may contact our support team ( / 1-855-759-7626) for an exchange or full refund.



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